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Third Watch Addicts

To Serve and Protect

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Welcome to the Third Watch Addicts Community! This is for all you Third Watch fans out there! Here you can discuss...

- Your favourite moment in the show. I would like to compile a top 10 list of the favourite moments in the shows history
- Claims. Claim your favourite characters, episodes, relationships etc. You can check the currently claimed things here http://www.livejournal.com/community/tw_addicts/729.html?#cutid1
- Favourite character. Again i would like to claim a top 10 list of the favourite characters
- Favourite relationship. Same as for the characters and moments.
- Fanfiction, stories etc. How you think the characters developed after the show finished, what happened between episodes etc.

Please keep these stories realistic though and no slash etc allowed.

I realise there are several communites already but i would like this one to be up there with the best!

Also for those artistic people out there and those who are members of deviantART, i have also created a third watch community there aswell, so if you would like to join and post your art, the link is http://thirdwatch.deviantart.com

Thanks and welcome to the group!