nyc_55david (nyc_55david) wrote in tw_addicts,

Memory Lane

so i've been watching er from season 1 (as behind third watch and 24 its my fav show) and so far in the first 4 seasons i have seen coby bell, tia texada and michael beach. Coby played a man who got cancer in season 4, tia played a crazy hispanic woman in season 3 (and has lost a considerable lost of weight since then) and Michael plays one of the doctors husbands (ex) who has aids. In a way i dont get this, coz third watch and er exist in the same world, so davis, cruz and doc have identical twins in chicago lol! Anyways, its great to see some third watch actors in pre-3rd watch roles! ANd its good to see them afterwards aswell. Whats your favourite/most memorable role for a third watch cast member in a movie or tv show?

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