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Welcome all to Third Watch Addicts! I look forward to all the contribution! I would like to start things off right of the bandwagon with some claims and favourites:

Characters - Bosco, Kim, Yokas, Cruz
Episodes - Welcome To Camelot, September Tenth, Unleashed, Last Call, Goodbye To Camelot
Relationships - Bosco & Cruz

Episodes - Well as i mentioned above my favourite episodes are Welcome To Camelot, September Tenth, Unleashed, Last Call & Goodbye To Camelot.
Moments - I have several favourite moments in the show but probably my favourite and most memorable is when Sully is at Tatianas funeral. It was a really powerful emotional moment and one of the rare moments when i have actually cried in a tv show!

Well i hope this gives people some ideas. The main reason for the favourite moments bit is that i have seen several websites such as buffy who have posted a video of the top 10 moments in the shows history. It is my aim to do this eventually when enough votes have been received! So please start posting and same with the claims!
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