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A Few Points...

Ok so i just watched "Last Call"...the episode where Sully is taken out to the cabin to sober up.

It has to be said that this is one of my favourite episodes of Third Watch. It is an hour of pure acting...and some of the best acting I have seen ever. How on earth none of them got nominated for an Emmy, particulary Skipp Sudduth beats me. I mean was Third Watch really that hated by the Emmy voters?

Another point i want to make is that of continuity. I have mentioned about this before, but I have to say it again. Sully mentions about how Ty's dad was killed, and how the bullet was meant for him after they met up with some imformants in the park. Now fast forward to season 6 when the whole truth came out about Ty's dads was all about the IAB and ratting out etc....

I know Third Watch made some bad continuity errors but this is one of the bad ones. Sure the writers forgetting Doc's wifes name was bad, but they had a 5 year gap btween the 1st and 6th seasons to forget. But with this one they had a little over a year to forget...and the whole storyline about Ty's dad was a pretty major one throughout the whole series. Surely they could've done a bit of research on their old episodes not to get this wrong?

If i do write the book, i will surely make a point on this
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