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Third Watch Fan Guide

Hey all

I was in my local bookshop the other day browsing the various tv books titles. It was amazing the amount of unofficial guides to all different shows that were obviously written by crazed, obsessed fans. I then was searching the net for some and i came accross this one for ER and it got me thinking...

There is none and i mean NONE at all for Third Watch. No i know that Third Watch wasn't the most popular of shows but i know there is a large fan base out there in the world. So i was thinking that maybe i could write one?! But im at a bit of a loss....

First of all...would there be enough demand for a book like this? Would it sell? And bsides me sitting down watching every episode of TW getting all little details (which would be the best part!) what else would i need to do? And how would i go about getting it published? Do i contact publishers first? And then comes the problem of copywright....

Idk if anyone can help, but i was just wondering what pplz thought of the idea and if anyone can help with my questions!
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